Options Signals

We alert our entry and exit for our trades, along with trim levels, risk levels, and stop losses if needed.


It doesn't take long for our members to begin having success with our team!

Member's Profits

Our members are consistently winning! Don't miss the next play!

Small Account Challenge

Join us as our analysts build a small account through options trading each month! We'll be giving traders a chance to watch us build a $250 account.

Weekly Plan


The weekly plan allows you to get a feel for the chat and how it operates prior to determining if you'd like to be a long term member. There is full access on this plan and after your first week, if you decide to upgrade to a longer term plan, you can cancel the weekly and upgrade to the new option that you would like.

Monthly/Yearly Plan


The monthly/yearly plans give you the flexibility of having a longer term option for your subscription to the group chat. You'll notice that the yearly option allows you to save more money over the period when compared to the monthly or weekly options.


  • Are the options signals for day trades and swing trades?

    There are multiple analysts who call out trades in our chat on a daily basis. Because we understand that most people are busy during the day, we do our best to provide a mixture between day trades and swing trades that best suit our members.

  • Are there free trials?

    While there is not an option for a free trial, we do have a weekly plan available that allows you to join for a week to see if our group is a great fit for you. If it is, you can stay on the weekly plan or move to a monthly, yearly, or lifetime option. If not, you can cancel after that week and provide us with feedback so we can continue to expand to suit more traders needs.

  • Are entry and exits given for all trades?

    Yes, we do provide the exact entries and exits for all trades we call out. While you are the sole manager of your account, it is encouraged that you still trade in line with your risk level and manage your trades and your account accordingly.

  • About how many trades are called out on a weekly basis?

    We prefer to trade quality over quantity. Over the course of the week, we may call out 30-50 trades depending on how the market is moving that week.