What Will You Learn?

  • How Find The Right Investments To Safely Receive Your Passive Income

  • The Basics Of Options Trading and Backtested Strategies You Can Use To Create Consistent Weekly Income From Them

  • Which Stocks Will Give You The Best Chance To Succeed ( Over 50 Companies Listed)


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  • Investors Who Want To Maximize Their Passive Income Through The Stock Market

  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn Consistent Strategies To Achieve Weekly Or Monthly Income With Little Work.

  • Individuals Who Want To Limit Risk Exposure

  • Traders Who Want To Learn How Options Can Be Used To Create Passive Income.

  • Recommended Starting Amount $1,000+ If Using Options, $10,000+ Otherwise.


  • Is the stock market a scam?

    No, the stock market has been used for 100+ years to create wealth for individuals and their families. Most money in retirement funds is invested into the stock market.

  • What if I don't to want to learn, I'd rather someone just tell me what to buy?

    That's understandable. This is a new skill-set that comes with its own language and is a lot to learn. There's a link for you on our home page!

  • How much should I invest?

    When first starting out, use only half of what you origanlly planned to trade with. Once you begin to get consistent, add the other half. Never trade with money that you can't afford to lose. This includes bill money or money from an emergency fund.